the attractive restaurant mykene is situated in the pedestrian muntstraat in the center of the city.

the old patrician house has been restored, resulting in a nice and spacious restaurant with a pleasant terrace. mykene offers purely belgian cuisine and has an exceptional and unique range of belgian beers (75cl with cork) that you can taste, but which are also used in certain dishes. stijn gille has held sway in the kitchen for more than 20 years. he mainly works with local, fresh and seasonal ingredients, because the menu changes according to the rhythm of the seasons:asparagus in spring, mussels in the summer and game dishes in autumn. there is also more and more attention for vegetarian dishes and vegan and ceto preparations which is quite unique in leuven.

we are closed on sundays and for larger groups we offer interesting multiple choice menu's on demand.

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smells like spring!

belgian asparagus steal the show today but there is much more to discover: a richly filled vegan range, delicious dishes with the tastiest fish, the most tender meat and the finest vegetables from our own soil. be sure to also take a look at our surprising spring suggestions!

the mykene team is happy to welcome you:
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mykene offers you:
we cook with the same passion for everyone: from carnivore to vegan!

your health is important: no refined sugars and salts and gluten free preparations.

we are happy to consider all possible allergies. just let us know!
note: our kitchen is not completely allergen free.

a small environmental footprint, we mainly work on the rhythm of the seasons and
we use mostly organic and local products.